2020 was an excellent year for me and my partner Dawn Clifton. In fact, it was our best year yet! I would like to say it was because our uncanny insight into our client’s needs and wants - our unabashed professionalism - which it was. But truth be told? It was Charlotte's Web & Media; the Father Daughter team of professional photographers.

Marty Walker and TaylorAnne Baldwin bring an experience that so many lack today. Not only keen eyes capturing the very best in every lighting condition imaginable. They bring a warmth and friendliness that puts our clients at ease while earning trust on their most precious investment, their Home!

Marty, a licensed Drone pilot while so many are not, brings an expertise that I am constantly in awe off. Shots I never expect. TaylorAnne, an award winning photographer from her teen years and still killing it into her twenties. I do not hesitate to say. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Looking forward to another amazing year working side by side with the both of you.

rick matoy
coldwell banker schneidmiller realty

"[they] bring an experience that so many lack today."

- margaux

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"I've never felt more beautiful & celebrated."

our experience is extensive and has prepared us for numerous situations, including: professional events, low light photography, high speed sports, professional portraits, and real estate. we believe this diverse background and portfolio helps us to deliver the best experience for you.


Our job doesn’t end when the images and tour are delivered. As your business partner, we deliver weekly analytics from your virtual tours directly to your inbox so you can easily stay informed on:
- How many people are viewing
your listings
- What features they are viewing
- When they are viewing
- trends of past weeks compared to current week

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Our virtual tours and property websites are branded for YOU. Would you rather have your potential clients see you and your contact information, or the name of the software manufacturer you are using? We include your Contact Information, Brand Colors, Headshots and more! We help you keep your tours and website branding cohesive.


Our process is simple and easy for you, so you can focus on your clients instead of spending extra time behind the computer. Our property websites are easy to update and can be linked from any tour or third-party site.

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We prioritize your time by delivering fast. 1-2 Business Day delivery is our standard, so you don’t have to spend extra money or waste time waiting to list your property.

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We update our software and the services we offer so that you can stay ahead of technology changes in the industry. We continue to stay ahead of technology so you can stand out. Why stop at photography? We offer virtual tours, independent property websites, social media videos, virtual staging and more! 


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