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Equipment You Need to Start a Youtube Channel

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Starting a Youtube channel can be an overwhelming task. Many people think they need expensive equipment to get started, but typically are already equipped with what they need to get started. As a video professional, I always recommend purchasing high quality equipment that will help you create high quality videos so stay tuned for our upgraded equipment list. Today we are going to go over the equipment you need to start a Youtube channel.

Laptop or Computer

Most working professionals already have a laptop they can use. You will need this to write your scripts, plan your content, edit your videos, and upload them to Youtube.

External Hard Drive

Regardless of the amount of internal memory your computer has, you will want to invest in a quality external hard drive. Video means big files and you do not want to burn out your desktop’s hard drive processing videos. You will also need a place to store your video files, your editing libraries, finished videos, scripts, graphics and more. While I recommend these to everyone for backing up files, they are especially crucial when you want to start a Youtube channel.


You will need a basic video editing software to get started and then you can look at purchasing a higher end software that will give you more capabilities. When starting a channel, you will want to focus on the value of the content and then come back and upgrade your production value as you grow and learn. iMovie for Macs is a great place to start as well as Vimeo or other online editors.

Cell Phone or Camera

If you are filming, you will need a camera. For basic videos to educate and connect with your clients, the camera on your cell phone will be more than adequate. If you are looking for a higher production value, I would recommend purchasing a higher end camera or hiring a professional for those specific videos.

Lighting and Tripod

Your video is only as good as your lighting. For simple videos, a ring light will be more than efficient to get you started. You will also need a reliable tripod to get stable video at adequate heights. There are several ring lights available that come with the tripod and phone mount that will be perfect for starting out. Below is a link to one I recommend.

This plus time and planning is all you need to get started!

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